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Responsive, Mobile-friendly LOTRO Beacon Issue 227 - Winter Player-run Events, Yule Festival, Endgame Guides & More - LOTRO Streams

Community Spotlights

Déco du Milieu has a preview of Erebor housing! See and read more including an interview with Scenario on the Déco du Milieu web site!

The Hobbitey Yule Calendar continues through the holiday! Get daily bits of fun on their blog.

Hellgoth has created a music video for the Yule Fest in Frostbluff! See it on the LOTRO Forums.

Agent Brigman will be making real-life "Mysterious Drink" and Marinated Mushrooms from Yuletide this Sunday on LOTROstream! Read more on her Twitter feed.

Laurel's Den has your 2021 Yuletide outfit collection! See cool cosmetics in the blog!

Nagollas is hosting a holiday event on a French-language LOTRO Discord! Read more about it in the LOTRO Forums.

The LOTRO Beacon (and therefore the Responsive LOTRO Beacon) is taking a break for the rest of the year, but you can get our latest sales and bonuses on! See you in 2022 and thank you for reading!

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Kin Hall

The Sleeping Gatherers are a Kinship on Gladden with a stage for plays and concerts, a snowball arena in their front yard and more! Learn more on Mage Sentron's Twitter feed.


Fansite News

Hollyberye has created a holiday-themed video called "The Winter Mathom...a Hobbit Yule Adventure"! Watch the video on YouTube.

The Shire Herald is regularly updated with features and fun! Get the newest issue on their web site.

Druidsfire is hosting a Christmas Eve Marathon on LOTROstream! Get information in her Twitter feed and be there for giveaways and fun!

Fibro Jedi has updated his complete Yuletide cosmetic guide! Find it on the Fibro Jedi blog.

Laurel's Den has added the Houses of Rest to his Fate of Gundabad guide! Get starting points and more in the blog.

LOTRO Players News finds the Jade Gemstones of Gundabad! Listen to their latest podcast on the LOTRO Players web site.

Wild Mill LOTRO Music has created a story and music video featuring LOTRO! Watch it on their YouTube channel.

Bio Break has the ballad of Northern Lights! Read about Syp's latest adventures in the blog.

Princess Quill has the ten best classic LOTRO soundtrack songs! Read more in the blog.

Cosmetic LOTRO has a holiday outfit for a Silent Night! See the outfit in the Cosmetic LOTRO blog!

LOTROstream is your first stop to find LOTRO on Twitch! This week Eldalleth has festival fun, Elgaladwyn runs a hunter, and Heart of a Hobbit celebrates Yule!

Also on Twitch, Catheyco conducts a Russian language stream, TheeGreenEyedGamer levels in Gundabad, and ProfessorTeacherG enjoys music, questing, and more!

Over on YouTube, PositivelyEvil brings you a one-hour Ale Association Delivery Run, LOTRO Soundtrack Collection has music from Frostbluff, and Keepsmeiling runs Blood of Azog!


Let's Talk Shop!


Screenshot of the Week!

Merry Mithril Minstrels playing seasonal music in Frostbluff - Screenshot of the Week by Jimi Thornshield - LOTRO Beacon Issue 230, 18th December 2021
Click the screenshot to see it at full size. Then hit "back" on your browser/device swipe to come back to the Beacon.

Jimi Thornshield on Twitter took this screenshot of the Merry Mithril Minstrels playing seasonal favorites in Frostbluff in this week's Screenshot of the Week! You can find Jimi's Twitter feed here.

Submit your screenshot for consideration by emailing it to [email protected]!


In the News

  • LOTRO Bonus Days bring you +20% Virtue XP, now through December 19th!
  • Yuletide Savings Continue with special deals each week in December! This week get:
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    • 50% off Housing Property Writs
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  • Start a New Journey! Get 25% off:
    • Character Slots
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