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Responsive, Mobile-friendly LOTRO Beacon Issue 227 - Community Concerts, Gundabad Guides & LOTRO Streams

Community Spotlights

Fibro Jedi has updated his Lone-Lands Slayer Deed Map and Guide! See it on the FibroJedi blog.

Gonz on Twitter has created Explorer's Guides to Car Bronoch, Deepscrave, Mattugard, and the Pit of Stonejaws!

Agent Brigman has created a real life Midsummer Honeycomb Cake! Read the recipe on the Clearly Delicious blog and watch the livestream of the effort on Twitch!

To nominate something for a Community Spotlight, email [email protected] with the subject line "COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT"

Concert Calendar

The Hope celebrate ten years at the November OAKS! Get more information about this Saturday event on Laurelin on the LOTRO Artists web site.

The Indigo Hobbettes present Jammin' In The Shire this Saturday on Crickhollow! Get event details on LOTRO Artists.

Let us know about your upcoming concert by emailing us with the subject line "Concert Calendar" to
[email protected]!


Kin Hall

The Better Biscuit Bureau is looking for new members on Treebeard! Click/Tap the image below to watch their new video to learn more about them. (FJ Note: I haven't had time to make this adjust for small screens yet, so if it looks wonky, go to the YouTube video directly, please!)

View YouTube Video of this Kinship

Weekly Comment

What is your favorite new region in Gundabad?

Comment on the LOTRO Forums here and you could win LOTRO Points!


Fansite News

LOTRO Players NewsGundabad Gundagood! Listen ot their newest episode on the LOTRO Players News web site.

Over on YouTube, Louey7 offers thoughts about his experience with Gundabad so far, Laurel Urugdagnir tells you how to find the Green Crystal in Pit of Stonejaws, and Karac Avalron Gaming has the final episode about how to get the Shire Brewmaster title!

LOTROstream is your first stop to find LOTRO on Twitch! This week Eldalleth adventures in Gundabad, Redberen plays a Champion on Evernight, and Druidsfire heads into Northern Mirkwood on Anor!

Also on Twitch, Poteen continues playing every class, Adiele Valathorn conducts a charity for diabetes research, and Stine continues her adventures in Gundabad!

The Funkenflug blog attends a concert! Read about it in this German language blog.

D├ęco du Milieu has the Light from Gundabad! See the new housing item on the blog.

Fibro Jedi has updated his fan fiction section! Check it out on the Fibro Jedi blog.

Laurel's Den has further updated their Gundabad guide! Read it over on the Laurel's Den blog.

Minas Ithil Once Tower of the Moon is a new poem on LOTRO Players! Read the poem on their web site.


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Screenshot of the Week!

A toad in Rhosgobel - Screenshot of the Week - LOTRO Beacon Issue 227
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LOTROscreens on Twitter brings us this week's Screenshot of the Week with a toad in Rhosgobel! You can find LOTROscreens on Twitter.

Submit your screenshot for consideration by emailing it to [email protected]!


In the News

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