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Responsive LOTRO Beacon Issue 226 - Fate of Gundabad Launches, Winterfest info, streams & More!

Community Spotlights

Laurel's Den has a great getting started writeup for Fate of Gundabad! Read more in the Laurel's Den blog!

Déco du Milieu has your Housing preview for Gundabad! See the preview in the Déco du Milieu blog.

The Companions of Belegaer are a new German-language podcast talking about LOTRO! Find the podcast on Spotify and learn more about the podcast on their Twitter feed.

The Hobbitey Yule Calendar is looking for your Yule Creatures! Read more about how to help and how to get this holiday-themed LOTRO calendar in the Grand Order of the Lost Mathom blog.

The Grand Order of the Lost Mathom are also taking part in a Hobbit Historical Field Trip through Tuckborough this weekend! Read more in their blog.

It's time to vote for the winners in the X5 Creator's Contest by Deco du Milieu! Read more and vote over on their blog.

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Concert Calendar

Band signups are now underway for Winterfest! Read more about this big annual concert event on the Crickhollow Music page.

Arda presents a night of Russian heavy metal on Laurelin! Read more information about this November 27th and 28th concert on Twitter.

The Breeland Bywater Revival present songs from the 1970's on Sirannon this Saturday! Read more on the LOTRO Artists web site.

Let us know about your upcoming concert by emailing us with the subject line "Concert Calendar" to
[email protected]!

Fansite News

LOTRO Players News reviews Update 30! Get their newest episode on the LOTRO Players web site.

LOTROstream is your first stop to find LOTRO on Twitch! This week MVP raises funds for Extra Life, B4 buffs Buff Bars, and Druidsfire wraps up Game Day with the Witch King!

Also on Twitch, Belnavar conducts a raid stream for Extra Life, AndangFire celebrates the launch of Gundabad, and Queen_Perwethien gets rids of things with lightning!

Over on YouTube, Karac Alavron Gaming continues the Shire Brewmaster title, DodasWelt runs a Brawler, and Gamer Penny has a ring forgery!

Syp writes about Hobbits and harvesting! Read more in the Bio Break blog.

Contains Moderate Peril has written up some benefits of going VIP for a month! Read more in the blog.


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Screenshot of the Week!

Expedition to Forochel in search of a lost Dwarf by Laurelin's Blue Mountains Regiment - Screenshot of the Week - LOTRO Beacon Issue 226
Click the screenshot to see it at full size. Then hit "back" on your browser/device swipe to come back to the Beacon.

This week's Screenshot of the Week captures a role playing expedition to Forochel in search of a lost Dwarf by Laurelin's Blue Mountains Regiment! Thanks Khyldin for sending in this week's screenshot

Email your screenshot for consideration by sending it to [email protected]!


In the News

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